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The past seven years, Fabric Magic has become a significant presence in the entertainment sector, spanning various media and entertainment branches, including television production, live shows, major events, as well as music and dance. Just as our organization has evolved, so too has our brand identity. That’s why we proudly present our new website. We’re embracing a new look that incorporates more vibrancy and color, staying true to our core mission of crafting magic and inspiring imagination.

A Shift Towards Color and Innovation

As of today, Fabric Magic will adopt a fresh visual identity that reflects our commitment to innovation and creativity. Our new appearance will be a vivid manifestation of the creative spark that defines our work. Color, as we know, serves as a canvas for imagination, and we intend for our brand to echo this sentiment.

Why the Change?

You may be wondering about the rationale behind this transformation. Change is a natural byproduct of growth, a reflection of our dedication to staying relevant in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. Our aim is to ensure our brand resonates with the diversity, excitement, and enchantment that our productions and events generate.

What to Anticipate

With this updated look, we pledge to maintain the same high standards of excellence and innovation that have come to be associated with Fabric Magic. Our passion for crafting unforgettable moments, pushing creative boundaries, and nurturing imagination remains steadfast. The difference lies in the way our brand identity now mirrors the dynamism and creativity we bring to our work.

Magical moments

We invite you to join our exciting transformation. Make sure to follow us on social media platforms, so that we can keep creating magical moments, together with you. Brace yourselves for a heightened level of magic and imagination!





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