Translate this article:   The Quest for Sinterklaas’ Lost Score As the festive season approaches, Stad Mechelen teams up with FABRIC MAGIC for a magical event that will warm the hearts of many children and families alike: Sintstad! This enchanting celebration revolves around the legendary visit of Sinterklaas, a beloved tradition in Belgium where children […]

Translate this article:     The final countdown has begun. It’s almost time to say our final goodbyes to our beloved #LikeMe-cast. A Grand Finale at Sportpaleis The grand finale of this exceptional series will be celebrated with a bang as the full cast reunites on one of Belgium’s most iconic stages – Sportpaleis, Antwerpen. […]

Translate this article:     The past seven years, Fabric Magic has become a significant presence in the entertainment sector, spanning various media and entertainment branches, including television production, live shows, major events, as well as music and dance. Just as our organization has evolved, so too has our brand identity. That’s why we proudly […]

Translate this article:     As summer days slowly transition into the golden hues of autumn, we can’t help but look back on the incredible memories created during the Ketnet Zomertour 2023. Once again, Fabric Magic had the privilege of collaborating with Ketnet, one of Belgium’s most beloved children’s television channels, to bring their magic […]

Translate this article:     After four incredible seasons filled with music, friendship, and unforgettable memories, #LikeMe, Fabric Magic’s iconic TV production, bid farewell earlier this year. But we couldn’t let it end without a grand finale to celebrate the journey we’ve all shared. The Final Concert For all our devoted fans who have been […]